Fastframe 1000+

fastFrame 1000+ is a fully automated system for stretching of small to large canvases. It mounts up to 80 canvases per hour, depending on the size. This is several times faster than manual production.

The canvas is mounted automatically with continuously high quality. The fastFrame stretching machine is very easy to operate and helps you to quickly and cost-effectively produce high-quality mounted canvas prints.

Every format uses a specific, easily interchangeable format plate. They are manufactured according to your specifications. When using frames with different thickness, you can easily adjust the height of the frame table. Simply test your material and your frames in our demo center.



Download fastframe 1000+

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Key Features

  • High quality and precision of the frames
  • Simple operation
  • Quick and cost-effective production
  • Pneumatic centering of frames for easy loading
  • Laser alignment for faster positioning of canvas
  • Barcode reader for order tracking
  • Quick loader for staples
  • Processes canvas and photo paper
  • Format range:
    min. 12“ x 8“ to max. 40“ x 40“
    (min. 300 x 200 mm to max. 1’016 x 1’016 mm)
  • Field-upgradable to fastFrame 1200+ (max format 48″ x 48″ / 120 cm x 120 cm)